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Benefits of travelling as a family

From home to work and from work to home. How many of you have been worn down by this routine? How many of you are looking forward to summer when you can take a break from the daily grind? With the arrival of good weather and the end of the school year, it’s definitely time to take the opportunity to organise and make our family getaways or trips.

A perfect time to take part in all kinds of different activities, to enjoy time with the children and to change the routine that takes so much out of us. Something that is very positive in improving family unity and cohesion.

Today on our blog, we talk about the main benefits of travelling as a family.

travelling as a family

What benefits does travelling as a family bring?

It helps our personal development

Unruly children, who don’t stop moving, running around and playing, whether on the beach, on a bicycle or scooter. All this releasing of energy helps our children to release energy and to foster social relationships with other children their own age.

They’ll be more creative

If there is one thing about children, it is that their creativity knows no limits. When we take them away from their normal routines, such as school, classes, homework, etc., they become more creative, thus peacefully playing all kinds of games on the beach, in the mountains or around the camp.

Strengthening family ties

Paying them attention and focusing solely on them. If there’s one thing that holidays allow us to do, it is being able to fully enjoy our children, in a unique and new environment, creating memories and sharing experiences and adventures together.

Visiting the destinations we have always dreamed of

Travelling the world with our families allows us to discover those small places, restaurants and areas we have always dreamed of, as well as share them with the most important people in our lives.

Complete relaxation

Phone switched off and no coverage! How many times have you wanted to say that? Travelling as a family is the perfect formula to dedicate yourself exclusively to them and disconnect from all the technology that surrounds us throughout the week.

travelling as a family

Without doubt, family vacations help us to clear our heads, open up our minds, and renew our energy, recharging ourselves with positivity and good vibrations.

At Odissea Park Aparthotel we will be happy to help you recharge your batteries and enjoy a marvellous family vacation surrounded by the wonders of the Maresme..

Туризм в Санта-Сусанне

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Всего в 5 минутах ходьбы находятся автобусная и железнодорожная станции, имеющие прямое сообщение с Барселоной, Жироной и аэропортами.
Санта-Сусанна, настоящий оазис на побережье Барселоны, отличается тихой семейной атмосферой и славится солнцем, пляжем и прекрасной природой.

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