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Electric mobility and electric cars

How many times have you heard... find a way to travel that pollutes less! It's the God's honest truth. And recently, many measures are being put in place to reduce the emission of gases into the air as much as possible, thus achieving a better air quality and, at the same time, positively affecting the environment.
Today in our blog we talk about electric mobility and electric cars!

La mobilitat elèctrica i els cotxes elèctrics

What is electric or sustainable mobility?

By sustainable mobility, we mean all the methods of transport we have at our disposal which have very low or no impact in terms of environmental emissions. Nowadays, this type of mobility has gained prominence, which is why, more and more, we are seeing various activities being promoted such as: using public transport to reduce pollution, encouraging the use of bicycles and, going one step further, using electric vehicles, which are beginning take hold in our country.

As an alternative to the combustion engine, we can see that electric cars are gaining ground because they are much more respectful of the environment as well as being better for the health of the general public, and thus becoming an essential ally in the fight against respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.

What are the advantages of an electric car?

Undoubtedly, you'll have seen them in all sorts of places and will be aware of their main advantages:
  • First of all, they have zero emissions. Because they run on electricity, they don't use fuel when being driven and so they pollute less, or even not at all.
  • They have fewer breakdowns. That's right! Electric vehicles have fewer mechanical failures, so don't have to go to the mechanics as often.
  • They hardly need maintenance. Beyond the parts that need replacement due to wear and tear, this type of vehicle only requires the batteries and the electric motor to be checked. Therefore, you can forget about new filters, oil changes, spark plugs, etc.
  • It is cheaper. A reality and the God's honest truth. Electricity is much cheaper than petrol.
  • Driving comfort. These types of vehicles are much quieter than internal combustion vehicles. In addition, they are usually automatic, so you don't have to keep changing gears and thus driving is much more comfortable.

  • At Odissea Park, we have an electric car charging area, with the aim of promoting, encouraging and contributing to an improvement in the environment. This summer, we have had the pleasure of having many visitors who drove electric cars, from brands such as Tesla, BMW, Hyundai, and we could not be happier. Brands that are currently innovating to continue offering the same comfort and driving safety but with much more sustainable emissions.
    We encourage you to also do your bit so that together we can live in a much more sustainable world.

    In addition, we share 6 apps on which you can find our charging point:

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